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Humble Bazooka

Humble Bazooka - JAG2GEN - Atari Jaguar AV to Genesis Cables

Humble Bazooka - JAG2GEN - Atari Jaguar AV to Genesis Cables

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Humble Bazooka's JAG2GEN allows you to use Sega Genesis Model 2 AV cables with your Atari Jaguar. This provides a more common and readily available solution for connecting your Atari Jaguar to a CRT or HDTV*. The JAG2GEN works great with HD Retrovision cables and upscalers like the RetroTINK 5x and OSSC. The JAG2GEN helps you get the best picture quality from your Atari Jaguar.


  • Two color shell design
  • Shell designed to securely connect to the AV port of the Atari Jaguar like OEM cables.
  • Supports Sega Genesis Model 2 AV cables including Composite, RGB SCART (read more on SCART), and HD Retrovision Component cables (recommended).
  • Allows you to use an OSSC or RetroTINK to upscale for better video quality.
  • CSYNC is attenuated to safely use with properly built Sega Genesis Model 2 SCART cables.
  • Output voltage is regulated to 5v for RGB televisions and upscalers like the OSSC
  • Doesn't obstruct the DSP Port of the Atari Jaguar allowing you to use a JagNet.

*Some modern HDTVs aren't able to display the native resolution of the Atari Jaguar (240p). This is not a limitation of the Jag2GEN but rather your TV. To use your Atari Jaguar on a TV that does not support 240p signal, we recommend using a scan converter / upscaler like an OSSC.

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Jason Odermatt (jaoder-2709)

A cheaper alternative than getting expensive OEM Atari jaguar av cable.