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Retro Game Restore

Retro Game Restore SNES Transparent Housings

Retro Game Restore SNES Transparent Housings

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The SNES transparent  case is a custom molded plastic replacement shell for your Super Nintendo.
Supported main boards: 
  • SHVC-CPU-01
  • SNS-CPU-GPM-01
  • SNS-CPU-GPM-02
  • SNS-CPU-APU-01
  • SNS-CPU-RGB-01
  • SNS-CPU-RGB-02
  • SNS-CPU-1CHIP-01
  • SNS-CPU-1CHIP-02
  • SNS-CPU-1CHIP-03
In the Box:
  • One console housing
    We are trying to increase its compatibility as possible as we can. No guarantee it would be possible but we will try our best.
    *The SNES console PCBA, Controller ports, Eject, Power & Rest sliders and  board are not included. This is for the housing only.

      This product is not designed, manufactured, sponsored, endorsed, or licensed by Nintendo® of America Inc in the United States and/or other countries.

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