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Retro Game Restore

Retro Game Restore SNES Transparent Housings

Retro Game Restore SNES Transparent Housings

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The SNES transparent  case is a custom molded plastic replacement shell for your Super Nintendo. 

Supported main boards: 
  • SHVC-CPU-01
  • SNS-CPU-GPM-01
  • SNS-CPU-GPM-02
  • SNS-CPU-APU-01
  • SNS-CPU-RGB-01
  • SNS-CPU-RGB-02
  • SNS-CPU-1CHIP-01
  • SNS-CPU-1CHIP-02
  • SNS-CPU-1CHIP-03
In the Box:
  • One console housing
    Retro Game Restore is trying to increase its compatibility as much as possible.
    There is no guarantee it would be possible but they will try their best.
    *The SNES console PCBA, Controller ports, Eject, Power & Rest sliders and  board are not included. This is for the housing only.

      This product is not designed, manufactured, sponsored, endorsed, or licensed by Nintendo® of America Inc in the United States and/or other countries.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Everything is awesome!

      Shipping tracking, packaging for shipping, and delivery were all great. Great communication and so happy to see the package at my door in a timely manner.

      The product it self is fabulous. Tolerances and design of the case were a perfect fit for my console. There was one extra little standoff that I didn't need that must be present in different iterations. It was no problem to trim this piece and it had no bearing on the aesthetic at all.

      Quick and easy transfer of the parts from my old console to this case. I couldn't be happier with the result. I showed it off to all my friends and they were also impressed.