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Tribute64 2.4GHz Wireless Controller - Classic Grey

Tribute64 2.4GHz Wireless Controller - Classic Grey

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The Tribute64 2.4GHz Wireless Controller is part of Retro-Bit®’s Platinum Series of controllers dedicated to classic retro gaming consoles. Designed for use on the N64®’ and USB®’ enabled devices, it features ultimate versatility for any gaming genre. Built with an analog stick utilizing the highest grade in quality, a wide and ergonomic design to boost your gaming experience, and an ample button layout with additional functions for USB devices,  players will enjoy long hours of classic retro gameplay. Built-in rumble and a memory card port will make you experience immersive wireless gaming right at your fingertips!
  • Compatible with Nintendo 64®, Switch, and USB-enabled devices
  • Includes N64 and USB receivers
  • Sensitive, accurate, and high-quality analog stick
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and extended gameplay
  • Ample button layout with additional functions for use with USB devices
  • Dual Z shoulder pads for maximum grip
  • Built-in rumble Pak and memory card port


Firmware updates for N64 compatability are found on the manufaturers website. 

After updating, with N64 mode enabled on the Switch, while in game, hold Start and A button for 5 seconds, it will vibrate, then it should function as expected.

*Receivers update via Micro-USB® (Not Included)

**Rumble feature and memory card port may not be available on all games

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