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Assault Suits Valken: Deluxe Edition (NTSC)

Assault Suits Valken: Deluxe Edition (NTSC)

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With the depletion of fossil fuels in the 2050s, unease within the population has morphed into anger and conflict.  Territorial skirmishes continued to boil until 2101 when United Pacific States and Federation forces began constructing massive artillery bases, intergalactic frigates, and heavy armor mechanized suits to use in this war that had engulfed the Earth and its moon.  Jake Brain boards his ASS-117A assault suit and flies into this conflict that has erupted to make as much of a difference as one soldier can across 7 immersive stages with 4 types of upgradeable weapons.

  • Japanese version of Assault Suits Valken officially localized to English
  • Aurum Armor Gold 16-bit cartridge (NTSC or PAL)
  • Numbered deluxe magnetic hard-cover cartridge packaging
  • Full-colored instruction manual
  • Hard embossed collection slipcase
  • Exclusive SoundBytesTM Keychain
  • Commemorative Coin
  • Celebratory Acrylic Stand
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