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Evercade Piko Collection 1

Evercade Piko Collection 1

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All Evercade Games play the same.

The rating badge on the cover art and on the cartridge is a superficial difference as the game and console hardware is all the same.

You can play a PEGI rated game on a US rated console and vice versa.

Piko Interactive Collection 1

The ‘Piko Interactive Collection 1’ cartridge brings 20 original retro games to the Evercade, including fan favorites ‘Iron Commando’, ‘Jim Power’, ‘The Immortal’, ‘Dragon View’, ‘Drakkhen’, ‘Power Punch 2’ and more!

Games List:

  • 8 Eyes

  • Brave Battle Saga

  • Canon – Legends of the New Gods

  • Drakkhen

  • Dragon View

  • Dorke and Ymp

  • Iron Commando

  • The Immortal

  • Jim Power – The Lost Dimension

  • Magic Girl

  • Nightshade

  • Power Piggs of the Dark Ages

  • Power Punch II

  • Radical Rex

  • Switchblade

  • The Humans

  • Tinhead

  • Top Racer

  • Way of the exploding fist

  • Water Margin

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