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Rondo Products

Rondo Products db GrafxBooster TTP

Rondo Products db GrafxBooster TTP

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Estimated to ship late April 2024

The dbGrafx Booster, designed by DB Electronics, adds many video outputs to the TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine using a Sony CXA1645 video encoder IC. Three output connectors are found on the dbGrafx Booster each carrying the following signals:
  • Mini DIN9 (a.k.a. Sega Genesis 2 A/V connector)
  • RGB + CSYNC (i.e SCART)
  • Compatible with standard Sega Genesis 2 cables including 75 ohms resistors and 220uF coupling capacitors
  • Recommended YPbPr cable from HD Retrovision
  • Recommended SCART cable from Insurrection Industries
  • Amplified by CXA1645
  • from version 1.2 onwards, selectable video level or TTL csync via jumper
  • CVBS (a.k.a. composite video)
  • Compatible with out of the box yellow/white/red Sega Genesis 2 A/V cable
  • Transcoded from RGB by CXA1645
  • Stereo Audio Only
  • While the Sega Genesis 2 A/V pinout permits mono audio, it is not supported by the dbGrafx Booster (why the hell would you want mono audio?)
  • Amplified on dbGrafx Booster
  • Mini DIN4 (a.k.a. S-Video connector)
  • Y/C Video
  • Compatible with standard S-Video cable (recommended option coming soon from Retro Access)
  • Transcoded by CXA1645
  • RCA Jacks (yellow/white/red)
  • CVBS (a.k.a. composite video)
  • Direct signal from console (i.e. same as original Turbo Booster)
  • Stereo Audio
  • Amplified on dbGrafx Booster
  • The enclosure is included.
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