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Evercade C64 Collection 1

Evercade C64 Collection 1

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All Evercade Games play the same.

The rating badge on the cover art and on the cartridge is a superficial difference as the game and console hardware is all the same.

You can play a PEGI rated game on a US rated console and vice versa.

Introducing The C64 Collection #1 cartridge for Evercade! The C64 Collection #1 brings 14 classic home computer games to the Evercade. The cartridge includes a stunning collectible retro style physical case and printed manual.

Take on the world in thrilling sport action with Summer Games and Winter Games, indulge in some perilous platforming in Jumpman, and take on the role of a martial arts master in Lee. Then “”stay a while, stay forever”” with Impossible Mission and a selection of other popular hits and deep cuts from The C64’s extensive back catalog!

Collectible blue cartridge number: 1


Summer Games
Winter Games
Impossible Mission
Gateway to Apshai
The Movie Monster Game
Iridis Alpha
Battle Valley
Street Sports Baseball

This new cartridge collection line is the first of multiple collections Evercade will release with home computer collections. The collection will be compatible with all Evercade systems running the latest firmware. Visit the Evercade website to update your device.

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