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Evercade Toaplan Arcade Collection #2

Evercade Toaplan Arcade Collection #2

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All Evercade Games play the same.

The rating badge on the cover art and on the cartridge is a superficial difference as the game and console hardware is all the same.

You can play a PEGI rated game on a US rated console and vice versa.

Introducing the Toaplan Arcade Collection #2 Cartridge for Evercade! The Toaplan Arcade Collection #2 cartridge brings 7 classic arcade games to the Evercade, including Twin Hawk, Rally Bike, and more! The cartridge includes a stunning collectible retro-style physical case and printed manual.

Collectible cartridge number: A-9


Twin Cobra
Rally Bike
Twin Hawk
Demon’s World
Fire Shark

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