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Gamecube Replacement Housings

Gamecube Replacement Housings

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Estimated to ship February 29th 2024

  • This listing is for a  PRE-ORDER and will NOT ship immediately.
  • These pieces have only been tested with original Gamecube shells and the shells produced by Muramasa Entertainment. Compatibility has not been tested with any other shells.

Please note that the product images on this page are computer-generated renders and not actual photographs. While the renders aim to provide an accurate depiction of the product’s design, color, and features, there may be slight variations between the renders and the physical product.

The shell is the same as the DOL-001 model. It’s also compatible with the DOL-101 model without the digital port however you will need to use your original rear output panel from your DOL-101.


  • Lid
  • Upper Shell
  • Bottom Shell
  • Front Controller Panel
  • 2 Memory Card Slot Doors
  • DOL-001 Rear Output Panel
  • Handle
  • 3 Serial Port Covers
  • Power/Reset/Open Buttons
  • LED Pipe
  • Connection Parts between Lid and Upper Shell
  • 2 Front Feet Pads (not in the exploded views picture)
  • Translucent Dust Filter Mesh (not in the exploded views picture)
  • Translucent Acrylic Plate on the top of the Lid (not in the exploded views picture)
  • It will be pre-assembled which means you don’t need to reuse any component part from your old shells.

Please note that the rendering pictures are slightly different from the real products. The real products have the same color as the Dreamcast and Saturn shells on sale. The high-quality customized ABS materials will be used as before. All of the pictured parts are included as well as the 2 front rubber feet, translucent dust filter mesh, and a blank acrylic top plate. Shells will be pre assembled. Please note that only standard Gamecube discs will fit. This shell WILL NOT fit full size discs. The shells don’t include any screws, so the originals must be used.

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