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gcomp Automatic 8:2 Component / Composite switch

gcomp Automatic 8:2 Component / Composite switch

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Pre-Order Note: Coupon codes may be disabled for some pre-order and exclusive items.

Orders placed before April 21st are estimated to ship by the end of the month (April 2024).

Orders placed after April 21st are estimated to ship at the end of May 2024.

Orders placed on or after December 11th 2023 will include a brace for the power input.

This switch is similar to the gscart switch and shares the same principle; effortless automatic switching with best possible video quality and HD video support. This is a combination Composite/ Component switch which means that it can be used for both Composite and Component signal switching simultaneously.

If you plan to use composite functionality:

TVs with shared Composite / Y RCA plug (Yellow / Green): connect the composite source to the green input and connect the green output to the yellow/ green plug of your TV. Depending on your TV model you may have to use a remote to switch to Composite/ Component mode.

TVs with independent Composite yellow and green RCA ports: connect the audio RCA outputs to TV in the usual way but use the additional separate RCA lead for composite (Yellow) output. You will likely have to use the TV remote to switch to composite/ component mode. If you have separate stereo audio inputs for component/ composite TV inputs you will have to use additional 1:2 RCA splitters (not provided).

There may be other setup variations we are not aware of, if you need assistance please open a ticket and we will do our best to help you with your set-up.

Full audio / video input protection has been added to minimize the damage when incompatible equipment is connected. Please take into account that protection won’t make all the faulty cases work, it’s there just to protect the hardware.

Features (v5.2):

  • 8 inputs
  • 2 outputs
  • Simultaneous output support
  • Design with focus on video quality
  • Automatic switching based on sync (Y / Composite)
  • HD signal supported (up to 1080p)
  • Integrated video amplifier
  • EXT header support to query / override enabled input
  • Full audio / video input protection
  • PSU polarity & overvoltage protection
  • Externally powered by USB (standard MicroUSB +5V connector)
  • High quality universal power supply is included



Any SUPERGUN conversion (or arcade mods in general) will permanently damage the switch. This damage is easy to detect and your warranty will be voided



The micro USB port is a is surface mounted and if you apply too much force or step on it, it might detach. This is not a soldering problem as the connector is usually torn with a few PCB pads. We do not provide a mechanical warranty. 



We will fix or replace your device for free in the case that it stops working within the first 180 provided the failure was not caused by the user (see supergun and power connector warnings). It will you your responsibility to ship the unit back to us at your expense. We are not responsible for lost shipments. If the damage was caused be the owner and it is something we can fix, the owner will be charged for the repair and return shipping. We reserve the right to not repair the unit where owner is at fault.

Laser Bear Industries Bumper Cases:

Designed by Greg Collins are a great option that we use ourselves. Get yours here.
Make sure you watch the installation video first, gscartsw v5.2 installation is tricky.

Vertical Mount Brackets:

Wonderful gscartsw user ChrisTheMeat designed vertical mounting brackets and published his work here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Spectacular switch box. Easy to use, easy hookups, it just makes analogue cables a breeze. Only thing lacking is S video but honestly I have only 2 things that could use it.


The product works extremely well and I appreciate its simplicity. No more fiddling with inputs! Picture quality is indistinguishable from a direct connection. I can't ask for more really. Okay maybe a lower price, but I don't see anything else like it on the market

I received the product a little before the estimated delivery date for the pre-order. The transaction was smooth, I was never contacted and never reached out. I simply paid and my item arrived.

I'd be tempted to get the sister SCART unit, but I can't justify it for the small number of devices I own that support it.

Chris Ksepka
High quality

I am very happy with the quality on this. Very smooth connections and my retro games look amazing. A bit pricey but I don't see any other companies ever making these. A+ job making these old connections at the highest quality possible

Easy Order

I cannot speak for the customer service because I never needed it. I waited paitently for my order since March27th and it showed up yesterday May15. I'm happy there is a platform to purchase the gcompSW because the other site was sold out when I ordered this, and I was worried this Rondo put me on the backorder for this winter.. guess I'm lucky but I had above average experience and I like to support smaller businesses. I'm just confirming yes I received the item and yes it works it's amazing thanks for making this available.
But I would appreciate more updates on the status of the products even of Rondo don't know just say keep waiting that might help keep people calm


Awesome product. Well worth the price. Seemless switching between inputs.