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Retro Game Restore

Retro Game Restore NES Replacement Housings

Retro Game Restore NES Replacement Housings

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The NES replacement case is a custom molded plastic replacement shell for your front-loader Nintendo Entertainment System. Both the top and bottom pieces are included to fully replace your consoles housing.
  1. The NES transparent case are high quality injection molded plastics.
  2. The console's PCBA board and other internal components are not included.
  3. The NES replacement case supports many variants of mainboard. Retro Game Restore is trying to increase its compatibility with as many mainboards as possible however please note that Compatibility is not guaranteed.

    This product is not designed, manufactured, sponsored, endorsed, or licensed by Nintendo® of America Inc in the United States and/or other countries.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Tyler Shufelt
    Nes Shell

    I ordered 6 of these and the quality is amazing. Yes it came with light scratches/blemishes but you should be cleaning it up after you’re done anyway and a little plastic spray wax makes this thing shine. Also make sure you’re replacing all the little mental brackets from the old top bc that helps fix the pressure on the flip door. And keeps it up without falling every time. The price I do wish was a little cheaper or went down a little especially when buying multiple. I’ve been restoring old Nintendo’s and putting the RGB mod in them and these also come with a cut out spot for the multi out which makes it very clean when finished. I’ll be buying the purple ones when they come in stock.

    David Trotz
    Scratched and blemished!

    For the price, and the purpose this shell should be shiny and clean. The top is blemished and scratched. Not a happy customer.


    Arrived with some scratches and blemishes. Overall a great replacement shell




    Arrived all scratched up and damaged. I tried reaching out to Rondo Products customer service, but have received no reply. For the price paid, I expected much better.