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Rondo Products PowerBase Mini FM

Rondo Products PowerBase Mini FM

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The FM Power Base, similar to Sega’s original Power Base Converter, allows you to play Sega Master System games on the Sega Genesis / Megadrive. In addition to this, the FM Power Base includes a YM2413 FM Synthesizer, present only in Japanese Master System consoles, which enables an FM soundtrack for most games that support one. *some exceptions apply


  • Mini size that fits in any official Genesis / Mega-drive system† (does not work with JVC X'EYE and will not work on the Nomad, even if its modded to work with SMS games)
  • FM sound support! FM sound can be disabled by holding Pause button while powering on system.
  • May work on some clone systems, but not guaranteed.* This will NOT work on the RetroN5. 
  • Pause Button
  • Supports Master System carts**
FM Sound Supported Games (red have not been tested on the PBM FM):
  • Title 3D Tested Notes
    After Burner Yes
    Alex Kidd: BMX Trial Yes
    Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars Yes
    Alien Syndrome Yes
    Altered Beast Yes
    Aztec Adventure Yes
    Blade Eagle 3-D 3D Yes
    Bomber Raid Yes
    California Games Yes
    Captain Silver Yes
    Casino Games Yes
    Chōonsenshi Borgman
    Cloud Master Yes
    Double Dragon Yes
    Fantasy Zone II Yes
    Fantasy Zone: The Maze Yes
    Galactic Protector Yes
    Galaxy Force Yes
    Game Box Série Esportes Radicais
    Game Box Série Lutas
    Golvellius: Valley of Doom Yes
    Great Golf Yes
    Kenseiden Yes
    Lord of the Sword Yes
    Maze Hunter 3-D 3D Yes
    Megumi Rescue
    Miracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark Lord Yes
    Mônica no Castelo do Dragão
    Out Run 3-D Yes
    Out Run Yes
    Parlour Games Yes
    Penguin Land Yes
    Phantasy Star Yes SMSPower Translation only
    Poseidon Wars 3-D 3D Yes
    Power Strike Yes
    R-Type Yes
    Rampage Yes
    Rastan Yes
    Rescue Mission Yes
    Scramble Spirits Yes
    SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative Yes
    Shinobi Yes
    Solomon's Key
    Space Harrier 3-D 3D Yes
    SpellCaster Yes
    Thunder Blade Yes
    Turma da Mônica em: O Resgate
    Wonder Boy in Monster Land
    Ys: The Vanished Omens
    Zaxxon 3-D 3D Yes
    Zillion 2: Tri Formation Yes

† Genesis 3 requires modification to work with Master System games. Does not work with with 32X attached.
* We do not guarantee operation on any specific clone hardware.

** Does NOT support Master System card games or any accessory that requires the card slot.
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