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RGBench multi-input analog video analysis test bench by Qwertymodo

RGBench multi-input analog video analysis test bench by Qwertymodo

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The RGBench is a multi-input analog video analysis testbench. Simple plug-and-play design allows easy interfacing between almost any analog video signal and an oscilloscope. This solves the problem of trying to figure out how to attach probes to various video connectors, and includes a switchable 75-ohm load termination on each signal. While this device is primarily designed for signal analysis, it can also be used as a pass-through adapter with the load resistors disabled.

Note: The RGBench is not a transcoder, it is only a direct pass-through adapter. It will not convert the signals between different formats. It is also not a buffer or signal amplifier. Attempting to use this as a signal splitter will result in degraded video quality (the one exception being that you can split the same signal to connect a single TV/monitor and an oscilloscope simultaneously, with the load resistors switched off, which can be useful to see the signals displayed on screen while you measure them).

5-connector BNC output cable is included.

Supported video formats:

  • Analog RGB (line level or TTL, with integrated sync or separate H/V or CSYNC)
  • YPbPr
  • S-Video
  • Composite video

Supported input connectors:

  • VGA
  • Euro SCART
  • Mini-DIN (4 pin, S-Video)
  • RCA
  • BNC

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