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Rondo Products

Rondo Products Replacement AV board for the Omega

Rondo Products Replacement AV board for the Omega

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What is it?

This is an RGB drop in replacement based for the Omega MVS consolized Neo Geo system designed by Tian Feng. It produces a clean RGB signal as well as buffering and filtering for stereo audio.

Why did you make it?

The RGB board sold with the Omega MVS system produces a sub par RGB video signal that is too dark. No audio circuit is included with the system. The replacement AV board uses safe RGB video circuit that outputs to NTSC specs through a Mini 9 din (Genesis model 2)connector.

What makes it special?

The replacement AV board gives you a well tested video and audio circuit that uses a standard Sega Genesis model 2 RGB cable. Since the video circuit was based db Electronics triple bypass board, it is also compatible with the HD Retrovision Genesis cable. There are also places to hook up a secondary video out if you have a need for this. The board can be easily installed and requires no modification to the original system. If you want to swap back to the original board, for whatever reason it, is just four screws and a cable.

*Designed by Tian Feng

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