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SEGA Saturn® 2.4GHz Wireless Pro Controller

SEGA Saturn® 2.4GHz Wireless Pro Controller

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Retro-Bit has you covered with a Day 1 firmware update for your Saturn receiver that will address minor issues such as trigger inputs sticking, revised 3D Control Mode mapping, and auto-input drifting encountered in certain titles.  Instructions, updates, and firmware files are all packaged together in a download to make this update quick and easy!  Visit
the Retro-Bit Firmware page to get started.  

Requires a Windows PC and a Micro USB to USB data

The widely praised SEGA Saturn® Control Pad (MK-80116) has received new fine-tuned features for this release. Take your game to the next level with Hall Effect analog sticks to provide 3D Controller support for compatible titles on the SEGA Saturn® with the console receiver. You can also take the controller to USB®-enabled consoles or devices to keep that familiar feel with your favorite games. Utilize modern features such as four shoulder buttons, Home and Select buttons, and button macros for additional features that celebrate all things SEGA Saturn®.


  • Includes SEGA Saturn® and USB® wireless receivers
  • Accompanied with a 3.3ft / 1m USB-C® charge cable
  • Features dual Hall Effect analog sticks for durability and precision
  • 3D Control Pad support* enabled by macro via console receiver
  • Dual analog rumble motors** incorporated in the controller
  • Four shoulder buttons, Home, and Select buttons
  • Rechargeable 500mAh Li-ion battery
  • Compatible with SEGA Saturn® consoles via console receiver
  • Compatible with PC, Mac®, Switch, and other USB®-enabled devices via USB® receiver
  • Up to 30ft / 10m wireless range


*  Only certain titles used this mode on the SEGA Saturn®

** Available when paired with USB®-receiver and applicable title

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 5 reviews

          Overall excellent controller for Saturn. Feels well built and nice to play with. Out of the box had some issues with some games with the analog sticks but thankfully firmware update fixed them. Loses a star because of flawed initial out of box experience and also some minor annoyance with wireless pairing it. The process to update the firmware was also a bit unintuitive so make sure to follow the instructions precisely. Once updated it's overall excellent and probably best third party controller I've got for Saturn so far.


          Doesn’t work on my PC at all. Reached out to RetroBit customer support about a week ago and still have not received a response.


          3d pad function of this controller doesn’t work and no firmware update to fix it.


          Solid wireless controller. The triggers do not cooperate with some games, like Nights, but overall, a decent purchase, especially if replacing a worn out Saturn controller.


          Packages were shipped in great condition and the products are perfect.