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Virtual Tap - Embedded video-out board for the Nintendo VirtualBoy

Virtual Tap - Embedded video-out board for the Nintendo VirtualBoy

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If you've ever wanted to be able to play the VirtualBoy without having a seizure, or in a different color than red, if you want to stream gameplay from real hardware, or if you've want to use a projector to show off your awesome skills at shows and expos, now you can!


  • Pixel-perfect scaling, crisp video output.
  • Select any of 8 palettes, red is default. Customization possible for a small fee.
  • Install on either left or right eye displays. Or both.
  • Choose yourself between low-lag or no-tearing options.
  • Can fit inside the VirtualBoy unit itself.
  • Simple install, minimal wiring.

Two Versions

VGA 800x600 at 60fps; upscaled x2 768x448

NTSC 240p at 60fps; No upscale, slightly squished horizontally

What you get:

  • The programmed and tested board
  • A ribbon cable

What's required:

  • Reasonable quality soldering iron and solder (leaded preferred)
  • A long 4.5mm "Game bit" screwdriver
  • About 3 meters of ~22AWG flexible wire
  • Whatever socket you want: DE-15 (VGA), 7 or 8 pin DIN, Mini DIN, Nintendo AV...
  • A bit of patience and care
  • Obviously, a VirtualBoy unit

Virtual Tap is an Open Sourced Project:

Installation Instructions:

English version (V1)
Version Française (V1)

Recommended Installers can be found here.

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