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XBox2Wii Component Pro

XBox2Wii Component Pro

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The XBox2Wii Componet adapter enables one to use the component signal of the classic Xbox with a Wii component cable. At the same time there is a digital audio port available.
The XBox2Wii Componet adapter is compatible with the original Nintendo Wii Component as well as with the Wii Component cable from HD Retrovision.
We recommend using one of these two cables for a good picture and sound quality.
Other cables from other manufacturers can lead to picture and sound interference due to the poorer quality of these cables.
  • 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i YPbPr component video
  • Stereo audio, digital audio
  • Built-in video filter for image artifact removal which can be caused by capacitor ageing
  • 5V conected on the Wii avconnector

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